[UFO Chicago] Free stuff.

Jesse Becker jesse_becker@yahoo.com
Sun, 24 Nov 2002 14:49:50 -0800 (PST)

I'm cleaning out the cobwebs and trying to make space for
things.  As such, I have some Free[1] Stuff available that
I will bring to the first meeting in December[2].

The aforementioned Stuff includes the following:

1) One AMD-K6 233MHz based system with 64MB of ram, an old
3com 10baseT NIC (it has a coax adapter), and 1.7GB hard

2) One Pentium 120MHz based system with 16MB of ram, two
1.5GB hard disks.

Both of these sytems include a video card, and slow[3] IDE
CDROM drive.

3) One HP 715/33 PA-RISC based system.  This includes an HP
keyboard and mouse (this system does not take normal PC
input devices).  The system is SCSI-based, and includes 2
smallish (2GB I think) drives.  Last time I checked, the
system booted, and had HPUX 9 on it[4].  It does not have a
CDROM, but does has an AUI-based NIC, and is
(theoretically) able to netboot.  I will include an
AUI-to-RJ45 adapter.  Linux support for PA-RISC systems has
been picked up by the Debian folks.


[1] Free as in beer, and free of assurances that anything
[2] The next meeting being slated for Thanksgiving, and
I'll be in a different state altogether.
[3] I believe in Truth[5] in Advertising.
[4] HPUX 9 is NOT Y2K compliant, and is no longer supported
by ANYONE.  The system can run HPUX 10.20, which is y2K
complaint, but cannot run HPUX 11.
[5] For various definitions of "Truth". <grin>

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