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The Antiwesley antiwes@execpc.com
Wed, 29 May 2002 16:33:12 -0500

During a time of great evil, 03:51 PM 29-5-02 -0500, Peter A. Peterson II 
was arrested for treason by saying:
>Quoting Rob Latham:
> > > *slam*
>No, I was imitating the sound of someone signing off of AOL Instant
>Messenger... heh...
>What's Onyx?

I thought it was the sound of the gates closing behind said individual...
like the ending of the Prisoner episodes...
the gates shutting behind Patrick McGoohan's flying face overlayed
on the overhead shot of Portmerion....


"What utter dangerous rubbish. Dangerous because this person has mastered the
  tricks of the liberal muck-raker trade; Al Sharpton would be proud of him."
                  - Bob Bernstein, CrackMonkey, 1/27/02
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