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Charles G Waldman charles@[EXPUNGED].org
Wed, 6 Mar 2002 12:44:59 -0600

Peter A. Peterson II writes:
 > zoot boot!

well, same to you!

why i'm here: i followed your link from the "other cities" page on

i'm very interested in community wireless networking in chicago -
either getting something started, if there is not yet anything going
on, or else joining forces with an existing project.

furthermore - the group i'm involved with (the [EXPUNGED] collective:
[EXPUNGED].org) along with the PRDF (People's Republic of Delicions
Foods (prdf.com) - have been invited to participate in the 
"Version >02" festival taking place at the MCA April 18-20.  see

the topic of the conference is "the digital commons": from the

  Version>02 is a digital arts and technology convergence presented by
  the Museum of Contemporary Art, Select Media, and OVT on April 18,
  19 and 20 of 2002. For the first iteration of this event we are
  asking new media producers, artists, musicians, filmmakers,
  programmers, tactical media provocateurs, designers, information
  architects, and critical thinkers to comment on the state of the
  digital commons.

it seems to me that community wireless networking is very relevant to
the concept of "the digital commons", and that this conference could
be used as a way to increase awareness of/interest in community

therefore i'm trying to make contact with any groups in chicago who
are already working on this sort of thing.

just a few words about myself:

i'm 36, been using unix of one form or another for more than half my
life (first job was a summer job at Bell Labs, back in the day), mit
grad (math/physics), formerly employed at fermilab (my old page at
http://home.fnal.gov/~cgw is still visible, but hasn't been updated in
a long long time), currently working downtown in trading, free
software hacker (contributor to the xemacs, python, and numpy
projects), interested in lots and lots of different things, bigtime
linux freak, C/C++/Python/Lisp hacker & bass player.

[EXPUNGED].org is a group of friends i'm involved with in the south
loop.  we want to get involved as a wireless access point.  we have
some resources to contribute.

also i know a handful of other people who are interested in such
ideas.  so i'm keenly interested in joining forces with any parties
involved in community networking.

i've looked at your archives and seen some mentions of community
wireless but nothing since last summer.  what is happening currently?

(i'd like to come to one of your meetings but i have a standing
commitment on thursday nights.  i'll see if this can be rearranged...)