[UFO Chicago] what draws you here?

Ian Bicking ianb@colorstudy.com
29 Jan 2002 18:34:08 -0600

On Tue, 2002-01-29 at 18:13, Neil R. Ormos wrote:
> Larry Garfield wrote:
> > [deletia]
> > "I just want it to work" is the commonly cited mantra of
> > the user.  While I agree that users have to expect a
> > steeper learning curve for a general purpose device than
> > for a toaster, it is not acceptable to expect them to
> > devote any more time than is required to accomplish their
> > selected tasks to "helping the system."  Why should they?
> > It's a tool!  Are they expected to "help" their hardware
> > tool box?  Do they feel compelled to contribute back to
> > the screwdriver community?  Of course not, but we still
> > take the time to show people how ot use screwdrivers.
> That analogy is deficient.  Screwdrivers aren't generally
> free (in the money sense).  You pay for them.  Which is how
> the screwdriver saleswoman, distributor, manufacturer,
> engineer, et al., make a living.  And if you want to learn
> how to use a screwdriver, you pay for that, too.  Try going
> to carpentry or mechanic's, or machinists' schools--they're
> not free.

And if you wander around looking for someone who uses his screwdriver
well, and then ask him to show you how, you might get help (really), but
you might also get a lot of attitude because there's a good chance he's
got some important screws to drive.

If you ask your uncle to show you, however, you are likely to get a very
helpful response.  So it is with Windows -- I think people get by far
the most support from their neighbors, (non-tech-support) coworkers,
children, etc.  It would be nice if it was easier to get support for
Linux in this style, but I suppose a LUG is a sort of first step.