[UFO Chicago] neighborhoods

Michael Bryan Bell michael_bell@mac.com
Tue, 29 Jan 2002 05:43:38 -0500

> Quoting Nick Moffitt:
>> Okay, so for some reason I'm only seeing 1/5th of the messages
>> on here, but at the risk of being utterly dense, I think she was
>> asking that we unsubscribe HER from the list.
> This may also be a good time to remind the list that we do not engage
> in reply-to munging. That is, we do not munge your reply-to headers
> like so many lists out there do.
> This means, that for EVERYONE to see the messages that you post, you
> have to hit reply-to-all (or whatever your similar button is (or
> keystroke, of course)) or the message goes to the author, and NOT to
> the list.

Sorry for taking awhile to reply... It was my fault. I had posted to the
list, and gotten a personal reply from her saying "please unsubribe from the
UFO list", and assumed she was a list mom of some sort. :(

I apologize for anyone I offended with my remark about arrogance, it came
about because I was a little oversensitive to stuff I've seen on other lists
lately- ie OS9 not wanting OSX users around, OSX users not wanting OS9 users
around, golive people not wanting dreamweaver people around, linux people
not wanting anyone around... Again, I apologize, as this list doesn't seem
anything like that or there would have been a lot of flames in my inbox
instead of the nice and helpful replies that I recieved.

Michael Bryan Bell