[UFO Chicago] what draws you here?

Bob Parnass, AJ9S parnass@megsinet.net
Sun, 27 Jan 2002 23:16:14 -0600

Ok, Linux is not Unix, but close enough.

My first use of Unix was in a grad school EE course in 1977 (not a
typo). I used Unix and Solaris daily at work from then until
retirement last year.  (Most of those years were spent
as a software "toolsmith," i.e., writing software tools.)

I liked being able to learn by reading other people's source code
and connecting simple Unix "building blocks" together to
create bigger tools.

The Unix-to-Linux transition was smooth and fun.  It's
still a learning experience though, because despite many years
writing software, I knew little about system administration.

I used Windows 3.1/95/98SE at home for about 7 years, but didn't
like them much.

Some of the applications are quite good, but they sit atop an OS
which is inflexible, secretive, and confining.

For me, Windows is where creativity goes to die.

On Sunday 27 January 2002 10:08 pm, John Kilbourne wrote:
> I'm curious why people are drawn to go through the trouble of
> learning and using linux.
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