[UFO Chicago] Re: aactual nature

Larry Garfield lgarfiel@students.depaul.edu
Fri, 25 Jan 2002 19:54:14 -0600

True, but in that case the white space is not acting as a space
character, but as part of a visual (graphic) image.  Therefore the data
in question is not a given ASCII character, but a given visual element. 
The visual data is a rectangular image, or rather the bit-wise
representation of that image.  So if you crop the image (remove white
space), then you are altering the image.  If you compress the image
compared to its baseline encoding system, then you are manipulating the
bits, and it is therefore compression.

John Kilbourne wrote:
> "The actual nature..."
> A graphic designer would argue that white space *is* a part of the
> data's actural nature. The classified ad section is a different sort
> of data than the front page, because of white space.
> So by that definition, white space trimming is not a form of
> compression, because the data's actual nature is not altered, that is,
> it can still be run through a compiler/interpreter without alteration
> and it will be read properly.  Compressed digital audio (mp3, ogg,
> etc.)
> is compressed, because the actual nature of the entity (bits) is
> altered
> and the end results occupies fewer bits than the initial baseline
> state.

Larry Garfield

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