[UFO Chicago] neighborhoods

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Sat, 19 Jan 2002 03:17:04 -0600

Quoting Nick Moffitt:
> 	Okay, so for some reason I'm only seeing 1/5th of the messages
> on here, but at the risk of being utterly dense, I think she was
> asking that we unsubscribe HER from the list.

This may also be a good time to remind the list that we do not engage
in reply-to munging. That is, we do not munge your reply-to headers
like so many lists out there do.

This means, that for EVERYONE to see the messages that you post, you
have to hit reply-to-all (or whatever your similar button is (or
keystroke, of course)) or the message goes to the author, and NOT to
the list.

This avoids the potentially embarassing scenario:

From: Larry
Reply-to: UFO

Dear UFO,
I think it's ok to sell software!


From: Pedro
Reply-to: UFO

> I think it's ok to sell software

Nate is really getting on my nerves lately. Could you do something
about it? Yesterday he borrowed my cordless drill and then he dropped
it in the river.

Oh, and on the software thing, I heard that Jordan is actually an
MCSE. I'm not suppsed to tell though.


but when people expect "reply" to go to the list, it also can lead 
to this scenario:

From: MBell
Reply-to: Mbell
Subject: OS/X

Hi all, I use Darwin, Apple's Free Software OS!


--- ( I hit a simple "reply" not thinking... )

To: Mbell
From: Pedro
Reply-to: Pedro
Subject: OS/X

> Hi all, I use Darwin
> [snip]

Cool, Darwin rocks!

Also, Did you know that chicago is putting in public teleporters and
taking out the El?


--- (Michael hits his reply-to-all like he should)

From: Mbell
Reply-to: Mbell
Subject: OS/X

> public teleporters

No way! I thought they were oly doing that in Novosibirsk!



And now, suddenly everyone other than us is REALLY confused.

So, hit those "reply to all" buttons at home, or hit "reply" ONLY when
you want to send a message to just the author.