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Kris Herzog antiwesley@antiwesley.com
Sat, 19 Jan 2002 00:54:51 -0600

During the Time of Infamy, 10:23 PM 18-1-02 -0500, Michael Bryan Bell was 
heard to heretically cry out:
> > please disconnect from UFO.  Anne Jaeger
>Oooooook, aren't you a welcoming bunch.
>And people wonder why linux is having so many problems penetrating the
>desktop- its not the software, its the arrogance.


I would agree that some people can get very arrogant about people using 
non-Linux OS's.
But a lot of people on here aren't that way. They are on other lists, but 
not here. ;)
While I _was_ running Linux for a while, I can honestly say that part of 
the problem exists
in it being more "techie" friendly then Windows.

Now don't get me wrong, the extent of my 'technie-ness' extends to having been
a phone-jockey at an ISP for 1 1/2 years. I honestly got over-whelmed at times
by the distro I was using, (Mandrake) and gave up on trying to make things 

So yes, sadly, some arrogance comes about from being able to do things in Linux
that some people can't. It's natural, it happens in any kind of situation.

My mistake was in not asking for help with somethings...
then again, because of an irrational fear, I never said a word.

But I do swear that I'll be back on Linux soon.
But maybe, this time, it'll be done right. :)


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