[UFO Chicago] neighborhoods

Michael Bryan Bell michael_bell@mac.com
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 18:27:35 -0500

> Now, that said, if you have any other sorts of questions about
> neighborhoods in Chicago or something, feel free to ask that too.  We
> don't spend quite all of our time in front of computer screens :)  Most
> of us live on the North Side.

Sorry, this thread is a little old... But I've been going back through them.
:) I'd be very interesting in hearing about some cool places to live on the
north side- preferably close to the el or bus systems.

I was living in vegas, and am coming back to chicago full time shortly...
Hopefully I won't be ostracized for the list, as I don't run linux or
debian, etc. :) I mostly just read about them...

I'm a designer who has gotten into open-source software by way of macOSX (on
a titanium). Compiled my first software app the other day from instructions
(mysql) and edited my first httpd.conf file a few months ago to enable some
php stuff.

Michael Bryan Bell