[UFO Chicago] re: I'm speaking about Free Software this Saturday.

Mike McCune mmccune@attbi.com
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 22:53:45 -0600

I guess I owe everyone a full report.=20

It went great despite the low turnout. A lot of the "regulars" were out o=
town (Holiday vacation and all) and I know all us Linux geeks have full=20
social live and were out chasing women on Saturday night (riiight ;-) .=20
Well, I did see Neal Ormos from UFO there. If anyone else was there, plea=
let me know.

On the serious side, judging by the questions and comments, most of the=20
audience understood and liked the idea of Free Software. I handed out abo=
20 flyers listing local LUGs and web resources. I also gave away several=20
Knoppix and OpenCDs.=20

This is something we (as Linux advocates) need to do more of. I try to do=
as often as I can and I would be glad to help anyone else who wants to tr=
it. Don't focus on Microsoft or cost, although both these topics did come=
These issues are non-starters with a non-technical audience.

I guess I've rambled on about this for long enough. If anyone wants any m=
let me know ...<MM>.

On Sun, Dec 15, 2002 at 10:20:17AM -0600, Veneziano wrote:
> Tell us how it went!!  (I would have like to have gone-sorry I missed i=
> -Michael
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> I'm speaking about Free Software this Saturday at the College of Comple=
> (8pm at the Lincoln Restaurant, see www.collegeofcomplexes.org). I am
> speaking to a non-technical audience so I am hoping for a good turn out=
> the free software community to help me out.
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