Emad El-Haraty spork@zork.net
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 11:42:02 -0700

You are cordially invited to attent the gala event of to-night, 
Thursday Night is UFO Chicago Night at George's, hereinafter referred
to as:

___      ___      _            __     
 |  |\ |  |  | | /  |\ |  /\  /__ ||| 
 |  | \| _|_ |_| \_ | \| /--\ \_| ooo 
National as well as International dignitaries will be in attendance
and may participate in much of the merry making and mirth.  Such
individuals include, but are not limited to:

Sean Q. Neakums, also known as the Sacker of Dublin. Through previous
communictaions with Sean Neakums, I have been kindly asked to forward
this message of his own devising: "Would Chicago like paper or

CrackMonkey himself, Nicholas Moffitt. Mr. CrackMonkey asks that
participants remove all weapons from their personhood before directly
addressing him at tonight's event. He fails to ask that people refrain
from using the now visible weapons on his personage. Do as you may.

Attending under diplomatic and ambassadorial assignment from Texas,
Emad El-Haraty.  El-Haraty wishes to inform all attendees of his
diplomatic immunity from arrest and/or prosecution throughout his stay
in the city of Chicago. 

All men and women, regardless of birth or nobility, are invited to
meet at the quant restaraunt referred to as George's by the
proprieter.  Located at 3224 W. Foster Ave. between Kimball and
Kedzie, George's proprieter, George himself, will prepare each meal

As this gathering is not of the formal variety, we the arrangers do not
request that you ASAP, as it is known in the vernacular. In fact we
discourage against such superflous activities. As some readers may
desire to particpate in a ritual ASAP-ing, we ask that you abide by
the commonly known rules of ASAP as determined by the trilateral
commission of visiting dignitaries: 

"This dinner invitation, once accepted, is a sacred obligation. If you
die before the dinner takes place, the executor of your estate must

For more information regarding locale, please have your manservant
visit http://ufo.chicago.il.us/