[UFO Chicago] Maddening PC-Card beeping on laptop/RH7.2

Robert Moses rmoses@ctu.edu
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 09:48:11 -0500

Evil Beeps (not "peeps") have taken over my machine!
I have a Dell Latitude CSx500 running RH7.2
HELP! the PC-Card beeps are driving me nuts.
How can I disable the beeps when the devices are brought up/down (nic
and modem)
(I didn't come across anything in the bios for disabling the beeps.)
Please help before I go back to using windows!!!! :O


sub indentifyUser ($name) {
    if ($name eq "robert_moses") {
        print $name . " = the new bald guy at the last meeting";
        $name =~ s/robert_moses/bandwagonOnJumper/;
        print "new name is: " . $name;