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Fri, 30 Nov 2001 12:33:00 -0600

I got this on the ufo admin mailing list -- I thought it was
appropriate, and suggest that you send email to these addresses
expressing your disappointment with the lack of useful suggestions as
to a punishment for Microsoft's actions.

Take into consideration MS's moves that continue to attempt to
dominate the IT world -- the X Box, for one, and additionally their
lame suggestion that they donate 9 million dollars of MS software to
public schools (with a paltry 1 million in hardware).


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Subject: [RSVP] If you think that the proposed Microsoft settlements are  inadequate
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 11:11:52 -0500

If you think that the proposed Microsoft settlements are inadequate and
more stringent measures should be levied, the addresses below allow you
to communicate your sentiments to those actively engaged in these

You need not reside in these states to contact them. Please include your
name and address. This contributes to your authenticity. They may want
to send you a snail mail confirmation. Please put it in your own words.
And keep it brief. They understand the issues, so you don't need to
re-hash them.

Below are the email addresses of the nine states Attorneys General
dedicated to continuing with more stringent anti-trust prosecution.
Included is USDOJ address. Also a link to a USDOJ website listing other
countries who are undertaking anti-trust action.

California:   microsoftcomments@doj.ca.gov

Connecticut:   attorney.general@po.state.ct.us

Florida:   ag@oag.state.fl.us

Iowa:   webteam@ag.state.ia.us

Kansas:  GENERAL@ksag.org

Massachusetts:   (bounced)

Minnesota:   attorney.general@state.mn.us

Utah:   uag@att.state.ut.us

West Virginia:   consumer@mail.wvnet.edu

US Dept of Justice-Microsoft anti-trust comments:

US Dept of Justice-other sites worldwide:

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