[UFO Chicago] Fw: [LUNI] Looking for Wireless Network Users

Thomas thomas@chicagomac.com
Thu, 14 Jun 2001 11:05:01 -0500

I know this is a topic of great interest to a few UFO members- who are
probably also on the LUNI list, but in case you aren't...

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Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2001 9:57 AM
Subject: [LUNI] Looking for Wireless Network Users

> Hi guys and gals,
>   I'm looking to interview people who use wireless networks (802.11b
> networks, aka Airport networks, or Lucent WaveLan networks) for a
> newspaper article I'm writing for the Chicago Tribune.
>   Specifically I'm looking for people who use wireless networks at home or
> in their business and I'd like to hear why you use these networks and how
> they help you.
>   Has anyone here used any of the wireless access points downtown?  There
> are quite a few of them, but their presence is not widely known.
>   Anyone who wants to be interviewed should get in touch with me before
> Monday of next week, since my deadline is quickly approaching.
> Thanks for all your help!
> -- Viki Navratilova
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