[UFO Chicago] incorporation, 501(c)3

Jack Beglinger jackb_guppy@yahoo.com
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 14:19:40 -0700 (PDT)

This is true, BUT...

I helped get a group together in orlando florida...
501(c)3 status was the only way to go.  Most space was
free if you had 501(c)3 status and insurance of
$1Million.  Schools, Churchs...

Also getting access to roof tops the 501(c)3 Status
helped because the building owner can take a write

Getting hands on hardware - old stuff and some new -
again the same.  It is called donations.

takes upwards of three years and $2500 dollars, to get
it right.  Annual fillings and corporate officers
become a problem.  Hardware and other gifts to the
Corp can only go to the furthering the corp.

See: http://www.leap-cf.org  Thier charter is online
and has just been changed to adhere to the IRS

An easier way... Find a local Ham Group most are
incorporated.  And become a SIG to them and share.