[UFO Chicago] easyware

kiran kiran@telocity.com
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:12:03 -0500

How about a Microsoft Style Hardware swapping license Where you would
have to pay UFO a prescribed amount every month for "Leasing" the
swapped hardware........... NAW that only sounds good for the ignorant
and foolish.

Seriously. Why don't we see how several swaps go before we make rules
regarding paying UFO for HW, then set some by laws. This would let us
see any problems cropping up ahead of time and keep us from constantly
changing the rules (as much).

BTW if anyone wants an old MacII that's Not operational let me know I
can bring it tonight. One more and a piece of wood could make a nice
coffee table ;)

> I like the idea of a hardware "swap" but I'm afraid of hoarding. Not
> something I'm worried about with the current group, but I'd hate to see
> someone grabbing up a bunch of things they'll never use just because it
> looks good.  Like I said, this doesn't really worry me, but what about
> setting an arbitrary amount- say a dollar - for anything taken, with
> proceeds to go to UFO projects?
> Ok, the problems I see with this are:
> 1. It'd have to be on the honor system, because who wants to deal with
> tracking it?
> 2. UFO receiving money may be not such a great idea...
> 3. Returns of things that didn't work out?  Money back or take on your own
> risk?
> 4. There must be a 4, 5, 6, etc.
> I don't endorse this concept, just tossing it out for everyone to chew on.
> Tom
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