[UFO Chicago] hardware

Thomas thomas@chicagomac.com
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:12:34 -0500

Ok, I should have defined "hoarding" as I see it in this case... taking
equipment and then NOT using or finding a use for it.  I wouldn't care if
someone took 99% of the hardware tossed in the pile if they could use it.  I
just don't want someone piling it up at home where it sits unused forever.


Quote Mills:
> I'm not really concerned about anyone else hoarding or placing a dollar
> amount on any of the HW that is useless to me anyway.  I figured it would
> a way for us to 'recycle, reduce and reuse'.  Besides, I need to get it
> and would like to see it put to good use, and I may be able to acquire an
> item that I need in the process.
> Raymond Reece Mills
> Vice President of Outside Sales and Marketing
> UFO Chicago