[UFO Chicago] hardware

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 13:36:14 -0500

Quoting Nate Riffe:
> Or instead, the hardware page could just list who has what and how to
> contact.  I don't know about anyone else, but if I were contacted
> regarding some piece of hardware in my possession, I would want to barter
> for it.  I don't see how someone could hoard hardware if they have to give
> some to get some.  I like the idea of getting UFO some money from the
> transaction, but that and non-profit status would have to do a little
> dance.

Good idea. I'll leave the price out, unless someone wants to specify a
price. (Like, a certain amount for something particularly worthy.)

> > Ok, the problems I see with this are:
> > 1. It'd have to be on the honor system, because who wants to deal with tracking it?
> I bet if you go back though the list archives, you'll find someone who
> claimed the corporate title "CFO".  I would expect that person to do it.
> :-)

Well, I think that Jack and I would take care of that with a cashbox or
something. We don't really have any expenses, yet.

> > 2. UFO receiving money may be not such a great idea...
> Re: non-profit... I think there must be some details to work out.  It can
> be done, my mom's quilt guild receives some commissions on some things and
> is non-profit.  It's all about the by-laws.

And, we're not incorporated yet anyway. And, if we went non-profit for
the wireless stuff, we'd do it under something like "Chicago Wireless
League" and not under the auspices of the UFO. (I woudl assume.) THe
idea of dues for a LUG is not ridiculous. (Again, we don't have any
expenses, so i see no need for that at this point.)

> > 3. Returns of things that didn't work out?  Money back or take on your own risk?
> I think that ought to be up to those who are party to the transaction.
> Personally, for me, it's caveat emptor.

Agreed. I would recommend that you test your own hardware before you
give it away -- know that it works before you tell someone else. I for
one wouldn't trade much for hardware that the owner doesn't know if it

Also, i changed it to hardware.txt (and symlinked it) so that I don't
have to worry about tags or reserved characters.


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