[UFO Chicago] Anyone want some bad RAM?

Mills Reece-RMILLS1 reecemills@motorola.com
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 12:08:14 -0500


I have a couple of pieces of hardware that may help you out. A couple of AT
mobo's come to mind and some other ancillary crap.  Is there anyway we could
setup a HW swap meet or 'UFO Hardware Clearing House'?  I know the stuff I
have does not help me much and do have a need or two someone else may have
available to ditch.  People could bring their crap and walk away with 'UFO
Treasures'.  I would dump everything AT I have, (except my OpenBSD Box ;-)
if I could get 1 good ATX case (w/ or w/o PWR supply).

Raymond Reece Mills
Vice President of Outside Software Sales and Marketing
UFO Chicago

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> From: Peter A. Peterson II [mailto:pedro@tastytronic.net]
> Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2001 12:00 AM
> To: Elliot Shank
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> Subject: Re: [UFO Chicago] Anyone want some bad RAM?
> Quoting Elliot Shank:
> > Anyone running with the bad memory patch (or wanting to run the bad
> > memory patch) want some bad 256Mb PC133 RAM?  No, I don't know what
> > ranges are bad, but they gave me a bunch o' hell and I 
> don't have the
> > patience or time to deal with them.
> Thank you for the offer of the faulty PC133 DIMMS. However, all of the
> tastytronic.net hardware uses this radical technology known as EDO RAM
> SIMMS (70ns). So I don't need your borken mammary.
> Really though, I might take you up on the offer, had I any... 
> ooh. I do
> have a mobo that takes DIMMS, actually... well, is anyone else
> interested? Oh, actually, hah, I know this thing doesn't have a 133Mhz
> bus. 
> Elliot, have you ever considered changing your last name to 
> Shankar and
> finding a guru to teach you the sitar? I'm sorry, you 
> probably get that
> one a lot.
> pedro
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