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Mon, 2 Jul 2001 09:50:44 -0500

Cool!  This is the one I want. 

Raymond Reece Mills
Vice President of Outside Sales and Marketing
UFO Chicago

I have done it!  I have created life!  (OK... for the third time) But still
my SON "Kiegan" will learn the power and flexibility of Free Software.
Plus, I just wanted to tell the list that my wife and I had a boy. 

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> Tonight's meeting was full of hilarity and aliens in flying saucers.
> Well, Hilarity anyway. In fact, here's a full rundown:
<big snip>
> Finally (all else discussed shall fade into the oblivion of our
> imperfect memories), I suggested that we, the members of UFO Chicago,
> adopt arbitrary names that sound impressive, since Jack and I sort of
> arbitrarily nominated ourselves President and Vice President of UFO
> Chicago. So, I am going to formally note that while I still retain the
> title of President (should it one day prove useful for any 
> reason), I am
> now, officially the CEO of UFO Chicago, and I recommend that 
> all members
> and all future members invent their own titles and positions 
> therein and
> use them with great ostentatiousness.
> This meeting was a great success, and I hope to see you all again the
> next time around. I'm going to update the webpage with the 
> next 2nd and
> 4th Thursday in July, assuming that this is still an acceptable
> time/location for y'all. I like to give George the business, but if
> you're all tired of the location, I'm not opposed to travelling for
> once.
> Yours,
> Peter A. Peterson II, CEO, UFO Chicago
> [1] The DePaul LUG was considering changing their name to some kind of
> "Free OS" related name rather than purely a Linux oriented name. (What
> kind of crappy UG would do that?) This of course leads to the
> questionable acronym: DUFOS. So maybe I should have said "Larry
> Garfield, DUFOS President."
> [2] Robert Bean may not contain bean.
> [3] I think this may have been some veiled sexual joke.
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