[UFO Chicago] Foster Ensemble Concert

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Mon, 17 Dec 2001 01:14:09 -0600

Quoting Elliot Shank:
> On Sat, 2001-12-15 at 16:21, Peter A. Peterson II wrote:
> > Anyway, it's at 7:30, and it's in a big church two blocks east of
> > Western and Wilson. Tomorrow.
> And now we know why Nate was the one who gave directions to Gulliver's. 
> Yes, the church was west of Western and the show time was 7:00.  Thus, I
> missed a good chunk of it.  But it was very good and I'll be interested
> in the next opportunity to hear a complete concert.  ;]

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm sorry that I got my directions
screwed up. Like I said, I've stayed out of all those arrangements,
and only knew where it was myself this Thursday. Not that that's an
excuse. But like I said, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm honored that
you would want to come hear us sing.

I was thinking tonight, that for us, there's a certain childish
novelty that I think lives inside musicians (and many other people
too, i'm sure) but like, when you're a baby, and you learn to blow
spit bubbles, you're just so fascinated by it, and amazed at yourself,
that you just blow spit bubbles constantly for weeks. There's
something the same, at least for me, in singing -- because for us,
what we do is not a big deal, any more than writing a program is
magical (although some people think it is), but we take a lot of joy
in singing and in making music together, sort of out of wonder that 8
people and some printed paper can make music. It's one of those
innocent, "look what I can do!" kind of things, not a "look at me,
look at me!" kind of things. 

Anyway, I'm very glad you came.

> And it was interesting seeing Pete in a tux.

Heh. I imagine it probably was.

> n.p.: My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - "Lucifer's Flowers"
> (Interesting what XMMS random play mode will pick after getting home
> from listening to some spiritual music.)

Haha! I'm listening to the mini discs of the concert -- I'll put some
mp3s up when I'm at work tomorrow. 

And now, to try and shake this stupid sore throat.