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Tara Schnaible schnaible@iit.edu
Mon, 03 Dec 2001 11:02:55 -0600

    Not to step over any boundaries by emailing the list myself, but here is the
information if you would like to take place in the DCFS drive.  Go to
http://giftdrive.vortus.com/ and sign up as a new user.  You get to choose a
child(ren) and then get details on what they like, their dream gift and all kinds
of nifty things like that.
Then, when you've gone shopping for the little tyke (and wrapped it), you pick one
of the drop-off zones (I am the south side zone) and drop it off.  The deadlines
for dropoffs are around the 19th of December, so you've got to move fast.
Thanks to everyone who's getting involved, it's a wonderful thing and a lot of
kids would thank you if they knew who you were.

Nate Riffe wrote:

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> UFO,
> I used to do these with my family back in Michigan.  It'd be kinda cool to
> do this as a group thing.  So who wants to go Christmas shopping for kids
> who might not get anything else this year?
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> Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 17:27:08 -0600
> From: Tara Schnaible <schnaible@iit.edu>
> Subject: DCFS Drive
> Hiya guys,
>     All of you are from this area (sorta anyways) and I thought you
> might like to take part in this.  I have become involved in a charity
> for DCFS kids (the really poor kids from Chicago that have negligent
> parents).  They provide us with blank case statements telling about the
> kids and what their dream presents are and what kinds of things they
> like to do.  You choose a kid (or a couple) and then you go Christmas
> shopping for them.  These poor kids likely don't receive anything else
> during the year (birthdays or for any other reason) which is why they
> center it around Christmas.  It doesn't mean you have to spend a small
> fortune, just something to remind them that there is a Santa...:)
> In any case, we have 200+ kids to try to match up with donors this year
> and I figured I would talk to all my friends and see if they wanted to
> do this with me.
> >From past experience....it's great, it's a complete blast going shopping
> for this kid and it makes you feel giddy knowing that you are helping
> out some cute little kid somewhere.  If you'd like to do this, just
> email me back and I will send you the gory details.....
> whatever you decide/can do, have a nice weekend and i'll see you all
> again soon.
> tara
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