[UFO Chicago] The net makes the world seem so small...

Brian T. Grant brian@onshore.com
Wed, 08 Aug 2001 18:53:16 -0500

Today, I followed a URL from an e-mail to http://valinux.com  I did so
partially becuase my cousin Ian moved out to California a couple of
years ago to work for VA.  I began to think how long it had been since I
had interacted with him.  

No sooner had these thoughts passed, but there he was, on my screen. 
http://www.valinux.com/services/ (you may have to reload the page a
couple of times; he is wearing a brown shirt).  

He is in California, and I am here in Chicago.  He is on my screen. 

Truly amazing...

Brian Grant
Senior Consultant/Systems Integration
1407 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622