[UFO Chicago] Re: [flynn] woody and SMP

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Thu, 9 Aug 2001 00:16:21 -0500

Quoting Lukas Eklund:
> So after all that work I did to build ssh2 for flynn you go and
> upgrade to woody, which of course includes it. haha

Thanks though!

> Is flynn back up and running on the dual processor mobo. What's the
> story? Inquiring minds want to know.

OK. Here's the scoop. As it turns out, I think the problems flynn was
experiencing were due to accumulative heat problems on one of the
CPUs. I've noticed that fan anywhere from "working" to "not working at
all," when the computer was on. SO, that CPU is currently sitting
upside down on top of gumby.

I've looked halfheartedly at new CPU fans for flynn, but the ones I
found had these weird screw-clips which I'm not sure are compatible
with flynn's mobo, so I held off. Up until last week, flynn was
running in the old, single-pro board with the drives in the second
case nextdoor. Eventually I decided to move back to the old
motherboard since the single-cpu board was giving me major PnP

So the status is: flynn is running on the dual board with one
processor, running with the current, SMP "flynn-iii" kernel. It will
not boot with the Linux-UP kernel since the drives are on a different
SCSI controller in that configuration. The SMP kernel seems to be
living just fine on the SMP board with one CPU.

WHen I get back from home next week, I'll apply myself more strongly
towards getting new CPU fans for both processors. I think everything
will be fine then.

I also intend to move flynn over to the 18GB SCSI-3 soon, with a
journaling file system of some kind, possibly reiser or maybe xfs.
Comments are welcome. I'm looking at a JFS as a cheap alternative to a


PS: I'm also considering adding some fans to my cases for extra heat
dispersal, particularly the drive case. (currently Flynn West)
Specifically, I'm thinking of drilling holes in the top of the case
and putting a fan in there blowing straight up.